THE RED PROJECT features 10 red beers brewed to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2015. 

The Red Hill Brewery is now 10 years old, and we have a lot of beer planned to celebrate the milestone. Including a special red range, our batch #1000 and many special celebratory events. We hope you can be part of the festivities and are interested in this commemorative series of beers launching now. Individual Artwork by local artist Nick Kallincos is being created for each red release to feature on each label.

THE RED PROJECT "RED EVENT" 19th - 20th November


DIARY DATE: 19th-20th November 11am-7pm
Once in a lifetime to try all the brews we made on tap. 
Specialty gift packs available. Boomtown BBQ all weekend. 


"RED BIKE" Session IPA 4.5%

Number Ten in the Red Series

Inspired by the trails around Red Hill, notorious for their awesome Mountain Biking terrain and our involvement with the Red Hill Riders club. Like our riding yarns, this brew tastes a lot bigger than the reality, it's one you can smash down by the pint after hitting the trails and feel like you've earned it. A true session IPA, but RED


"Wild Cherry" Cherry Saison 6.0%

Number Nine in the Red Series
Funky. Like the band. Seasonal cherries sourced straight from our local grower which we hard hand pressed to use in this farmhouse brew. Down Cherry Road, the home of the brewery was once a Cherry Orchard, so this brew brings us full circle, the farmhouse barn, local cherries, bringing the essence of Red Hill to your glass in a funky farmhouse ale.


"Queen of Scots" Barley Wine 10.0%

Number Eight in the Red Series

Mary Queen of Scots life is like a real life episode of Game of Thrones. The ultimate firey, strong Scot, and a 6ft tall redhead. So we have taken our infamous Scotch Ale, and pimped it into a brew worthy of this infamous red head.  Red, challenging and one of the strongest around.

"Red Door" Irish Red Ale 4.5%

Number Seven in the Red Series

The famous painted doors of Dublin were said to have began when an eccentric writer painted his door bright red so his neighbour wouldn’t mistake it for his own on his way home from the pub. An Irish classic, using the British Golding’s hops in a sessionable ale that will ensure you always find your own front door.

"Bright Red" Belgian IPA with Hibiscus Flowers 7%

Number Six in the Red Series. A collaboration between two of Victoria’s mountain loving brewers, Bright Brewery and Red Hill Brewery.  Conceived on the slopes of Mount Hotham over shared interests in going down hills fast on skis or bikes with strong beers at the bottom. A strong brew for real mountain men. Brewed together at both Bright and Red Hill featuring Hibiscus flowers.

"Red Rooster" Biere de Garde 7%

Number Five in our Red Series. The “bold rooster” represents the Belgian Walloons ties to the Gallic rooster of France. Like the rooster, this beer style shares influences from both France and Belgium, traditionally being brewed to satiate the farm workers of Wallonia. A strong and malt driven brew, we had best not share it with our hop pickers until the harvest is done!


"Red Fox" Red IPA 7.5%

Number Four in the red project, is our Red Fox.Our back paddock is home to a crafty little fox that likes to dance with the Shetland pony. He is crafty, like this beer. A British IPA style, our fave tipple over our years residing in that country, it represents our love of all things British, in a glass. And red.

"Red Smoke" Red Rauchbock 8%

Number Three in the red project, is our red rauchbock. Inspired by many of our favourite things.... bacon, peated single malt whisky, bock beers and the Rauchbiers of Bamberg, this is full of smoky flavoured goodness in a very strong German brew. 

"Batch 1000" Red Tripel   9%

Number Two in the Red Project is "Batch 1000". Our 1000th brew coincides with our 10th Anniversary festivities, so we have brewed one of our favourite styles. A Belgian Tripel, one of perrenial faves to drink, and our first time in 1000 brewdays that we are brewing one.  And its red of course.

"The Bloody Plums"  Plums Farmhouse Saison   7.5%

Number One in the Red Project is "The Bloody Plums".   A traditional farmhouse saison has been brewed featuring the plums from the old plum tree on our farm that has shaded many a beer drinker over the last decade. A windfall year of plums has produced this amazing saison, which is truly a farmhouse brew.











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