We take pride in creating classic European beer styles that are eminently drinkable and sessionable.  We hope you think so too.

We have a core range of beers including Golden Ale, Pilsner, Wheat Beer and Scotch Ale. These are available year round.

We are renowned for our range of seasonal releases.  Often challenging styles yet still fit our philosophy of being highly drinkable. Imperial Stouts in the dead of winter, Hop Harvest Ale in Autumn, Belgian Blonde in Summer, Temptation in Spring and our celebratory Christmas Ale, a Belgian Abbey style ale brewed for the festive season to go with the Christmas pud!  See the
link on left for more info on these

We also experiment a lot and often have something new we are working on such as our double barrel range.  Wood aged using an oak barrel form a local winery, soaking spirits into the wood and ageing the beer in it.  We are also producing Real Ales, dry hopping and cask conditioning, served direct from the casks using the handpump in the traditional manner.  

Our beers are made hands-on in small batches (800lt) with passion and skill and are getting further afield all the time. Hunt down a local bar or shop that stocks Red Hill and enjoy. Your local doesn't have it? Email us and we'll endeavour to get it there.
                                                      HEAD FOR THE HILL



Pale and crisp light bodied ale, fruity with a restrained hoppy dryness created by our own Hallertauer & Tettnanger hop flowers. This beer is fermented at a cool temperature to create a crisp, clean finish and uses the best quality imported German Pilsner Malt. We also add a touch of Australian grown Wheat Malt to improve head retention on this beer.




Based on one of our most popular seasonal brews, this is an unfiltered, clean & balanced pilsner.  A generous malt character imparts a slight sweetness which is balanced by a potent hop bitterness, achieved by 3 hefty additions of hop flowers in the boil.   A cold fermentation period follows when plenty of hop are steeped in the conditioning tanks creating a floral and spicy aroma.  Golden in colour with a dense white head, you will be left with the hoporific effect of having the corners of your mouth go up!



Cloudy in appearance, aromatic and highly carbonated. Lightly hopped with our own Tettnanger hop flowers. You may notice “banana” aromas which is created by the special type of yeast used and the higher fermentation temperatures. This is balanced by a tart finish on the palate which is caused by the high percentage of Wheat Malt in the grain bill. You really must drink this one in the 500ml tall glasses specially designed for this beer to fully appreciate the creamy, white head and aromatics of the beer.



The colour of burnished copper, strong with a caramely sweetness. A malt driven beer, lightly balanced with our own Goldings and Willamette fresh hop flowers. The grain make up in this beer is a tightly kept secret. It has taken 7 years to perfect and is a very special blend of English Malts, some of which are dark roasted to impart the toffee and sweet flavours of this ale.





Red Hill overlooks the two bays of Port Phillip and Westernport and is surrounded  
by a striking coastline, this brew is the perfect drop for the Peninsula’s great outdoors.   
Light bodied, refreshing and a moderate alcohol strength provide easy drinking that keeps  
you coming back for another pint.  A unique fruity hop character satiates the craft beer lover.



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