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Bovine and Swine

The kitchen resident is barbecue legends Bovine and Swine. They showcase their authentic southern style barbecue and their custom made Manhorne smoker at the brewery.

“Hillbilly Wes” is Australia’s original pit boss.  He launched Bovine and Swine Barbecue in Sydney, opening to a meat hungry city with lines stretching out the door for the best barbecue in town.  Within the first year was awarded a Good Food AU award. Since opening, Wes has built a dedicated professional team with the ethos of ensuring that the Barbecue experience is the best available.

Where it all Began Real Southern Barbecue

Low and slow is how they like it in Texas and that’s how Bovine & Swine make it. Living and breathing classic barbecue. Cooking starts at 5 AM every day for that perfect bark, melt in your mouth texture and smokey taste. For Wes, it all started in Lockhart, Texas – the Barbecue Capital of America, where he was mesmerised by the sights and tastes of real Barbecue. Whilst travelling he worked with some of the best Barbecue restaurants in Austin.  Wes has brought his passion and that authentic Central Texas taste to Australia. He travels with the team from Queensland to South Australia and now to Red Hill.

What’s On the Menu

On weekends, it’s all about the barbecue plate, here is a taste of the menu.

* Beef Brisket, encrusted with a salty and peppery bark that once tasted becomes melt in the mouth… pure Texas.

* Indulge in the chopped pork, barbecued in the Carolina style.

* Enjoy the juicy chicken breast with a coffee rub, sliced and tender.

* Drool over pork ribs hit with a lick of smoke and rubbed with a delicate spice salt.

* Hot link spicy sausages house recipe that uses beef, pork, jalapeño and cheese, thickly sliced.

To create your meal, simply choose your meat on a plate for one, two or more and add your sides.

In addition, there are always some tasty side dishes consisting of the regular Barbecue fare, sharp pickles, mac and cheese and a vinegar dressed coleslaw. Finally, vegetarians and vegans are not forgotten and can be catered for delicously too.

Discover the midweek meals a beer-friendly snacks menu with sandwiches and snacks such as Loaded Tater Tots or Wings.  Join in on the weekends they to experience the full southern barbecue experience.

Finally, special menu items for events might see slow cooked beef ribs featured or the Whole Hog special Barbecue, full Carolina style cooked within a cinder block pit it aint your average roast.

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