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First new beer for 2021…. Temptation!
A very strong, Belgian Strong Golden Ale, that is beyond tempting with its devilish easy drinking.  …. it’s time to give in to Temptation.

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Gifts for lovers inspo, grab the beer, add a tee and appropriate glass to enjoy it. Drop in over the next few weeks to try it on tap, also in 4packs at the bar.

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Temptation has lovely light and refreshing aromatics from Golding and Hallertau Hops. This is a classic style of beer known as Belgian Strong Golden Ale, and is beyond tempting.

Smooth and complex with intense flavours and depth, fermentation starts cool and reaches very high temperatures creating a fruity yeast aroma and lots of hops late in the boils creates spicy aromatics. The alcohol content of 8.0% makes this beer dangerous and tempting, and is well hidden with a crisp dry finish, once you’ve started there is no turning back. This beer has a high level of carbonation, a beautiful golden colour and luxuriant big white foamy head.
The Ultimate Temptation.




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