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Red Hill’s Brewery is a copper clad, 800lt steam fired brewhouse. Purchased in 2004 and shipped from the USA and commissioned into our rustic brewhouse shed.

The equipment was modified to enable brewing with whole hop cones from our hop field, and has been tweaked over the last 7 years to improve beer quality, consistency and flavour.

For the first 6 years all bottling was done by hand, fully bottle conditioned, we estimate that the first 1.5 million bottles were bottled by hand. Recently we upgraded to a bottling line, allowing us to create better bottled beer, with less time, allowing more opportunities for afternoon surfs after a bottling run. Our beer range is classic in style, were we create beautiful European style ales and lagers. Anything from easy drinking golden ales and pilsners to challenging styles like imperial stouts and Belgian style strong ales.

We experiment with barrel aged ales in oak barrels and also traditional ales that are conditioned in real English casks and served on the handpump.

Hope you enjoy a Red Hill soon.


Share our passion for our beer and come drink in our relaxed, rustic bush setting amidst the hop vines.