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Mexican IMperial Stout, Pancho Mole Imperial StoutMexican Imperial Stout Pancho Mole Imperial Stout
Mexican Imperial Stout Pancho Mole Imperial Stout
Mexican IMperial Stout, Pancho Mole Imperial Stout
Mexican Imperial Stout Pancho Mole Imperial Stout

PANCHO Molé Imperial Stout 8%


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A carton of 24x 355ml cans

Like Pancho the Leader of the Revolution, this beer is fearless. Dark and strong, with a spicy heat from the Mexican chillies. Smoky, with the addition of chocolate and cinnamon all the ingredients of the traditional Mexican molé sauce.


Red Hill Brewery, The Mornington Peninsula’s Original Craft Brewery has the freshest beers available to order online for home delivery or local pickup direct from the brewery.

This specialty brew was originally brewed for GABS Festival in 2019, Brewer Dave has a penchant for getting in the kitchen with the Mexican spices and last Christmas featured a slow roast turkey on the wood-fired bbq topped with his legendary Molé Sauce.

Made with 3 kinds of Mexican Chillies: Chipotle, Ancho and Guajillo plus Cacao nibs and Cinnamon, these ingredients have now all been used to brew up a special batch of our famed Imperial Stout.

Named Pancho, after the Bandit, warlord, and leader of the Mexican revolution, like him, this beer is fearless, dark and strong with a spicy, ever-increasing heat from the chillies,
Viva la Revolution!!!

Special commission artwork by Melbourne typography master Bobby Haiqalsyah @bobsta14, features a hand lettered unique label art surrounding the cans in a sleek black look.


* At the Brewery, available to walk in and buy takeaway or pre order for free contactless pickup
* Home delivered


Melbourne $10 /Peninsula $5  delivery or pick up FREE. Available next day in most situations.
Also available Australia Wide but rates and shipping times vary


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Dimensions 13.5 × 27 × 40 cm


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