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Many of us have shared a sip of ‘local’ with one of the eminently sessionable brews made by Red Hill Brewery. In the Peninsula’s dynamic brewing community, creativity is now being expressed through more than just the flavours — imaginative packaging has become a big part of the beer experience.

This December, the brewery reveals the new look and officially launches two styles of session beers, previously only on tap, in their new packaging – the can.

Over a decade and a half, entrepreneurs ­Karen and David Golding, decided there was a gap in the abundant food and wine industry of the region for good beer – today the thriving brewery produces 20 innovative styles per annum.

“For over three years we have been producing both our Two Bays Australian Pacific Pale Ale and the East Coast Session IPA, busting with hops.  Our customers have loved it and we have received great feedback on the styles. We have been weighing up the right way to take it from the tap to our customers and the can is where we have landed.” Indeed, the quest for the right look for these two brews somewhat pushed us to change up the whole design of our products. Perfectly crafted to suit the Peninsula beachside vibe, and very sessionable, the new brews in the cans offers drinkers a great looking product that many believe keeps beer fresher and better tasting.”

“The growing market has allowed smaller batches of canning lines to be produced for small business like our own. The moment we saw the idea proposed by design agency; Design by Bird, we felt it really spoke of our sense of place and our commitment to the authenticity of our process and the product. When we first developed our brand look, nearly 15 years ago, it was quite different to what was around. Now the evolution of craft beer has opened people’s minds to what is possible in packaging and styles.  We wanted our new look to still look like us, draw on our history and be strongly representative of where we come from, but give us more freedom to be creative and work on both the bottles and our new addition to the stable – the can.”

“We have commissioned many special labels from artists in the last five years; the Red Range and some from cartoonist Matt Golding, they have had great feedback. We worked with Design by Bird to commission local Red Hill artist Darren Doye to create a piece which truly showed the Brewery at Red Hill’s heart with glimpses of the two bays either side.

New Labels and Cans for Red Hill Brewery
With Darren Doye and Design by Bird

When asked what makes RHB different, Karen shared; “we are real artisans. In a land where most beer comes out of big factories, much of it from the same factories – many brands are not breweries. We not only grow the hops and use our local rainwater, but feel, the way we brew, and the place we make it in, makes a difference to what we produce for our drinkers.’

New Labels and Cans for Red Hill Brewery
Art by Darren Doye

All your favourites will be available at RHB wrapped in the new look packaging just in time for the festive season, kicking off with the iconic Christmas Ale.

   New Labels and Cans for Red Hill Brewery

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