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Whilst your loading the pantry with the staples, do not forget the BEER!!

Strange Days indeed. If you currently do not feel safe visiting us or your other fave local outlets, please don’t stop buying BEER! We have setup a temporary store to make sure beer can get to you.  But do keep on visiting when you can, we have wide open spaces and fresh air everywhere, social distancing is no problem at Red Hill.

Keep the beer flowing, and be sure to grab a handy fridge dispenser FUN PACK of cans, or even a full carton of your favourite. Can’t Decide? Get a mix.

ORDER HERE and we will send it to you, this is temporary store for just these products.

Stay safe, and please make sure you have enough good beer to outlast the pandemic and host those that you care to share with.

Cheers, Karen And David



Fun Pack of 9 Cans

Fun Pack of The Rip Pale Ale 9 cans

Fun Pack of Cans

A Fun Pack of Cans, 9 355ml cans, 3 x The Rip, 3 x East Coast IPA and 3 x Fandango Seasonal Release


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